May 08

2017 General Election Manifesto

The winds of progress blow swiftly, rattling the gaudy tokens of a dead era round the cavernous chalk hive of the Broadstafarian mind.

Whistling through empty air, they blow our way once more.


Apr 20

Nation of OOOG to Run in 2017 General Election

The White dictator and her legions have fed their bile to the press – but of course – we already knew. It has been many years since OOOG told the Prophet that our Afro-Thanetian Nation would face more turmoil. This day has come quickly, but we are prepared.

Yes, the Prophet Zebadiah Abu Obadiah shall stand again in South Thanet, and his message shall be zeavenly.

The poor, the weak, and the disenfranchised shall rally around his message. A message of hope, of unity, and the absolute destruction of all that has come before.

We will meet our enemies again, on the campaign trail and at the ballot box. This time we will not be so merciful.

More to follow.



Feb 10

Al Zebab’s State Visit to Ethiopia

The Nation of OOOG has been quiet recently. For the last few months the fascist Broadstafarian has been quietly cooing like a fat, White pigeon – hoping against hope that the Prophet has faltered or been silenced by some unknown power. But the zelievers, the Brothers and Sisters of our proud Nation, they know that the cause of our silence is not failure…but the quiet rush of a coming triumph.

We have just returned from a secret mission: a full state visit to Ethiopia. Using funds granted by the EU, the Nation of OOOG sent a 4-man delegation to the political capital of Africa – to learn, to communicate, and to complete a very special task.

This task, and much more, shall be revealed in due course.

Here is a zelection of images of our delegation on an official visit to the remains of Dinknesh the Australopithecus at the National Museum in Addis Ababa. Sister Dinknesh is one of the oldest ancestors of huemanity to have been discovered, and is physical proof of our claim that we are all African.

We have brought the war against Broadstairs from the streets of Thanet to the political powerhouse of the greatest continent on Earth.

Yes, you just wait and see, Broadstairs, because it’s your move.

And it had better be a good one.

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Oct 25

Black Remembrance Poppies Go On Sale

As we approach “Remembrance Sunday”, the Nation of OOOG is offering an alternative to Britain’s annual festival of war glorification. We are selling Black Remembrance poppies, in honour and memory of all those murdered by the British state and their mercantile puppets.

British soldiers are murderers and rapists, and they deserve no support or thanks. It is the countless victims of British colonialism that deserve recognition, not these brainwashed fools in uniform.

Our Black Remembrance Poppies are available for purchase now through our website’s new shop section. Shipping is free worldwide.

All money raised will be put towards the contestation of hegemonic discourses of patriotism and the political fetishism of violence.

Wear yours with pride, and spit in the faces of those who glorify murder.



Oct 22

Apologise for British Colonialism in Africa

Today we are proud to begin our next campaign. We are calling upon all British ‘subjects’ to recognise and apologise for the crimes of Empire perpetrated in their names. This apology – though unavoidably incomplete given the scale of Britain’s crimes – offers a sincere and unilateral acknowledgement of the reality of Empire. Given the failure of the British state to offer such an apology, it falls to the British public to begin this process.

We, the undersigned:

• Apologise for the crimes committed by the British against the continent and peoples of Africa during the pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial eras.
• Acknowledge the ongoing effects and legacies of colonialism, and see formal apology as only the first step towards a new relationship between Africa and Britain.
• Hope that this petition will help address the abject failure of Britain and its people to recognise the crimes of Empire and to accept appropriate responsibility for those crimes.


We acknowledge that no apology will ever be enough. This petition does not attempt to right the wrongs of the past (indeed, it could not), but is instead an expression of our moral obligations as conscientious human beings. We do not ask for forgiveness, but instead offer an independent expression of regret and sorrow. We wish that we could offer more, and will continue to work for an official and satisfactory apology from the British government.

Please sign and share this petition, and get in touch if you would like to help with door-to-door collections.

Click here to sign the petition.

Click here to read the full text of the apology.



Oct 19

The Second Omen: The Detention Centre

Brothers and sisters, here we have it. The second omen in under a week, sending a clear warning from OOOG to the White population of Engand. You are doomed. Pack your bags and get out now while you still can.

No longer will your “Immigration and Removal Centre” detain innocent brothers and sisters whose “crime” was merely crossing imaginary lines carved out by White rule and oppression. No longer will Dover “Immigration and Removal Centre” demonise and imprison brothers andsisters fleeing insecurity, war and persecution. These brothers and sisters should be treated with the dignity that all hueman beings deserve, and it seems that OOOG’s work is finally becoming clearer.

The OOOGly light is shining brighter than the headlights of an Arctic lorry hurtling down the White motorway of England’s mind – ready to petrify, pulverise and pummel these rabbits and their atom brains, those spongiformed minds made passive by the White virus. So clearly is the future reflected on your eyeballs. Lo, we have seen the future and it has been told to our glorious Prophet Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah. The words of OOOG echo through the Prophets mind…whispering to him:

“the lack of oxygen to the heart makes the Gale winds cease to blow”.

Yes, a prophesy has been revealed to the Prophet Zebadiah, and the closure of the detention centre is the second Omen in this great chain of events.

Roger Gale, Conservative MP for Thanet North, WILL die – possibly as a result of a heart attack.


Click here for the story as reported by Kent Online 


Oct 15

The Parable of the Whale

In Zebasis Chapter 1:21 it states that OOOG created the whale before any other living creature:

“So OOOG created the great whale and every living creature that moveth, of every kind, with which the waterdem swarm, and every winged bird of every kind. And OOOG saw that it was peng.”

OOOG invested a huge, tremendous power into the whale. Nowhere else in the realm does the presence of the whale inspire more hyperbole than in the Zoly Scriptures. The Boablical whale in the Zeviathan is a symbol of pure evil, the focal point of all hueman fears, the embodiment of unmitigated power that OOOG created on the fourth day of Creation as a warning to huemanity, presaging the rise to power of the Broadstafarians. From then on “Zeviathan maketh a path to shine after him,” whenever pride and the temptation to zin well up in the sons of Zadam. Its gaping mouth is terrible to behold; nothing can equal its strength; its heart is harder than stone.

Well yesterday, brothers and sisters, in Broadstairs at Foreness Point OOOG had it that a dead whale washed up on the shores. This is an omen, it was prophesied in the Boable and leads the way to the end of the Tribe of Zulucifer. The death of the whale symbolises the death of the White age – your White culture has literally washed up dead on your very shores.

Tread carefully Whiteman, the dawn of OOOG is upon us. Your bloated carcass shall sink into the briny blue yet, and your blubber shall be feasted on by all the bottom feeders of the deep. Sing your terrible echoing song Whiteman, as the barnacles on your ancient body mock the swivel-eyed desperation with which you sink, endlessly, into the void.




Oct 13

UKIP Loses Control of Thanet Council

OOOG’s wrath has reigned down upon UKIP’s councillors, leaving them no other option but to abandon the Zaliphate like their weasly White wasteman Fuhrer – who scuttled out of Thanet with his fork-tail between his legs on the fateful day, May 8th.

Click here for the Thanet Gazette’s coverage of the story


Oct 07

Gazette: Thanet’s rising dog “thefts”

We would like to answer the allegations made by the Thanet Gazette concerning the theft of dogs in the Zaliphate. Again, the serpent minions of Kathy Bailes have failed to grasp reality. It does not matter who stole those dogs, what matters is the growing dogmeat trade that has blossomed from our political successes.

Dog is a meat and a commodity, not a pet. Whether the Thanet Gazette acknowledge it or not, there is a flourishing dogmeat black market in Thanet.

We know what happened to those dogs. They were eaten, by us and by other ordinary residents of Thanet. There is no shame in dogmeat – it is consumed by mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors. People of all walks of life who savour the rich taste of hound flesh.

We ate those dogs and we’ll eat them again.


Click here for the Isle of Thanet Gazette’s Article


Sep 30

Concrete, Jungles and the Guts of Giants: A Day Trip to Calais

Brother Faisal describes our visit to Calais in his Huffington Post blog. Read below or on the Huffington Post website.


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