Aug 07

Al Zebab Launches Investigation into Broadstafarian Paedophile Ring

There are currently over 6 individual investigations into a paedophile ring believed to have been active since the turn of the century- a ring that has its dirty roots dug deep into the history of Broadstafarian ‘treasurers’ like former English Prime Minister “Sir” Edward Heath. We at Al-Zebab have started our own official investigation, free from the bias and corruption of English favouritism. Our investigation began long before it became such a hot topic for the local rag, Isle of Serpents Gazette.

We are asking for anyone who wants to step forward with information. This has been covered up for too long, and all Al-Zebab want is justice for all.

When the Prophet was a child he had a vision of pushing all of the Broadstafarian families of this new aged terror into a Lake of Fire.



Thanet Gazette Article



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