Aug 18

Al Zebab Launches our Campaign to Break the Border

break the bord2

Today we have begun our official crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the migrants of Calais.

We believe Britain’s borders are illegitimate, and we aim to support anyone and everyone who wants to breach them. We will provide aspiring migrants with tools, information and support to help them gain access to Britain on their own terms, not Britain’s.

Our support packs will include:

– Boltcutters
– Ladders
– Shovels
– Tasers
– Mobile Phones
– Maps
– Advice sheets with: contact details of lawyers, French and British charities, legal advice, useful phone numbers, guides on how to claim asylum, guides to the benefit system, our contact details, etc.

Your contributions will help buy materials that we will deliver to migrants in the ghettos of Calais. Your contributions will assist in the erasure of the invented borders of White hegemony, borders that have never had a coherent meaning. Your contributions will accelerate the destruction of petty-minded and selfish British entitlement, and frustrate those who worship it.

But above all, your contributions will give migrants the opportunity to take their futures into their own hands, and seize what has been denied to them.

We already have considerable funds set aside for the first wave of packs, but the more we can give the better. Please give generously.



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