Feb 10

Al Zebab’s State Visit to Ethiopia

The Nation of OOOG has been quiet recently. For the last few months the fascist Broadstafarian has been quietly cooing like a fat, White pigeon – hoping against hope that the Prophet has faltered or been silenced by some unknown power. But the zelievers, the Brothers and Sisters of our proud Nation, they know that the cause of our silence is not failure…but the quiet rush of a coming triumph.

We have just returned from a secret mission: a full state visit to Ethiopia. Using funds granted by the EU, the Nation of OOOG sent a 4-man delegation to the political capital of Africa – to learn, to communicate, and to complete a very special task.

This task, and much more, shall be revealed in due course.

Here is a zelection of images of our delegation on an official visit to the remains of Dinknesh the Australopithecus at the National Museum in Addis Ababa. Sister Dinknesh is one of the oldest ancestors of huemanity to have been discovered, and is physical proof of our claim that we are all African.

We have brought the war against Broadstairs from the streets of Thanet to the political powerhouse of the greatest continent on Earth.

Yes, you just wait and see, Broadstairs, because it’s your move.

And it had better be a good one.

OOOG AKBARDSC02685 DSC02701 12474001_1223284517700924_3228804753238826963_o



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