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Sep 24

Not Muslim, Not Christian, Not Silent – A Documentary

Documentary about the Nation of OOOG, produced by film-maker Mark Brown.

Sep 24

IBTimes: “Meet the Party that says Farage may be Beheaded”

The Prophet speaks to Shane Croucher of International Business Times.

Sep 24

Russia Today: “How a Bizarre Fringe Party Helped Bring About Farage’s Downfall”

Aug 29

You Did This.

Here are just a few pictures of some of the 2,400 people who have drowned trying to reach Europe this year. It is easy to ignore these images, or to shy away from imagining the vastness of the death that this is only a tiny snapshot of. But it is even easier to pretend that …

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Aug 25

Broadstairs Paedophile Ring Exposed

Brothers and sisters, just over 2 weeks ago we at Al-Zebab sent out our own special team of investigators to find out more about the alleged paedophile ring that has its roots embedded in the British parliament and the history of Broadstairs from its creation to today. Today we expose these ravenous, rapacious beasts that …

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Aug 18

Al Zebab Launches our Campaign to Break the Border

Today we have begun our official crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the migrants of Calais. We believe Britain’s borders are illegitimate, and we aim to support anyone and everyone who wants to breach them. We will provide aspiring migrants with tools, information and support to help them gain access to Britain on their own …

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Aug 03

The Death of Jeffrey Amherst

  Today we celebrate the 218th anniversary of the death of the mass murdering, ethnic cleansing, genocidal and filthy White pig-dog known as Field Marshall “Right Honorable” Lord Jeffery Amherst. We celebrate in the knowledge that this maliciously evil, horrendous Whiteman is definitely having his tonsils tickled by his overly well endowed father, also called …

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Jul 20

2015 Election – a film by Ball & Brega

Here we have a documentary made by sister Joanne Ball and brother Massimiliano Brega of the final week running up to the 2015 South Thanet General Election. Has various views from all the parties and public in which we don’t agree with everything said but an interesting watch on the lead up to our decisive …

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Jul 17

Rest in Power, Brother Eric

  A year today we lost a brother, Eric Garner, murdered in cold blood by the choking hands of Officer Daniel Pantaleo of the New York Police Brutality Department. Richmond County District Atrtorney Daniel M. Donovan Jr. said that the case against Pantaleo will go to a grand jury, after considering the medical examiner’s findings …

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Jul 13

UCL: Legacies of British Slave-Ownership

The zesposyni of UCL have finally made public their research in which they name and shame the White British slave-owners and companies that profited from the slave trade. Slavery may have been abolished in the British Empire in 1833, but slavery and colonialism shaped the Britain you know. It put in place the superiority complex …

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