Oct 25

Black Remembrance Poppies Go On Sale

As we approach “Remembrance Sunday”, the Nation of OOOG is offering an alternative to Britain’s annual festival of war glorification. We are selling Black Remembrance poppies, in honour and memory of all those murdered by the British state and their mercantile puppets.

British soldiers are murderers and rapists, and they deserve no support or thanks. It is the countless victims of British colonialism that deserve recognition, not these brainwashed fools in uniform.

Our Black Remembrance Poppies are available for purchase now through our website’s new shop section. Shipping is free worldwide.

All money raised will be put towards the contestation of hegemonic discourses of patriotism and the political fetishism of violence.

Wear yours with pride, and spit in the faces of those who glorify murder.



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