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Feb 10

Al Zebab’s State Visit to Ethiopia

The Nation of OOOG has been quiet recently. For the last few months the fascist Broadstafarian has been quietly cooing like a fat, White pigeon – hoping against hope that the Prophet has faltered or been silenced by some unknown power. But the zelievers, the Brothers and Sisters of our proud Nation, they know that …

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Oct 15

The Parable of the Whale

In Zebasis Chapter 1:21 it states that OOOG created the whale before any other living creature: “So OOOG created the great whale and every living creature that moveth, of every kind, with which the waterdem swarm, and every winged bird of every kind. And OOOG saw that it was peng.” OOOG invested a huge, tremendous …

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Oct 13

UKIP Loses Control of Thanet Council

OOOG’s wrath has reigned down upon UKIP’s councillors, leaving them no other option but to abandon the Zaliphate like their weasly White wasteman Fuhrer – who scuttled out of Thanet with his fork-tail between his legs on the fateful day, May 8th. Click here for the Thanet Gazette’s coverage of the story

Sep 24

Not Muslim, Not Christian, Not Silent – A Documentary

Documentary about the Nation of OOOG, produced by film-maker Mark Brown.

Aug 25

Broadstairs Paedophile Ring Exposed

Brothers and sisters, just over 2 weeks ago we at Al-Zebab sent out our own special team of investigators to find out more about the alleged paedophile ring that has its roots embedded in the British parliament and the history of Broadstairs from its creation to today. Today we expose these ravenous, rapacious beasts that …

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Aug 07

Al Zebab Launches Investigation into Broadstafarian Paedophile Ring

There are currently over 6 individual investigations into a paedophile ring believed to have been active since the turn of the century- a ring that has its dirty roots dug deep into the history of Broadstafarian ‘treasurers’ like former English Prime Minister “Sir” Edward Heath. We at Al-Zebab have started our own official investigation, free …

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Jul 20

2015 Election – a film by Ball & Brega

Here we have a documentary made by sister Joanne Ball and brother Massimiliano Brega of the final week running up to the 2015 South Thanet General Election. Has various views from all the parties and public in which we don’t agree with everything said but an interesting watch on the lead up to our decisive …

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May 08

The Prophet’s Victory Speech

Here is the entire, unedited victory speech from the Prophet Zebadiah Abu Obadiah. Ignore the obviously biased and manipulative coverage from the White media. His are the only true statements from the entire campaign, nay, the entire election. A thousand Akbars cannot convey the glory of last night and this morning. Fuck Broadstairs. Our celebrations …

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May 07

The Purification of Uncle Mack’s Plaque

Tonight is the eve of the Election – the Election that we are prophesied to win. OOOG has appeared to the Prophet, and our victory has been written in the skies over Thanet. It was foretold many aeons ago, permeating the pages of history in characters which read left to right, right to left, in …

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May 04

Isle of Thanet Gazette Slapped Back Down

The Isle of Thanet Gazette yet again pokes its malignant nose into our affairs. It is hardly surprising that no action will be taken when all our artwork is checked, approved and delivered by the British “Royal” Mail. Do not take us for some disorganised, two-bit rabble. We know the law. We have a dedicated …

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