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Apr 30

Dead in His Tracks

Today, Al Zebab celebrates being the Party that stopped the UKIP tank dead in its tracks. Whilst the other parties were blind to Farage’s plotting, the Prophet dismantled his lies and prevented what would have been the most audacious insult to the people of Thanet yet. It is not enough to merely canvass and flyer …

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Apr 28

Nigel’s Tank Envy

Today, we have the honour of spoiling Nigel’s big election finale. Over the last few weeks, the Nation of OOOG has been in talks with a private owner of military vehicles in Birchington, Thanet. We managed to secure a deal with him to rent a 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier, to use for a few hours …

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Apr 26

Interview with the Thanet Gazette

Another piece of newspaper coverage, another example of the Thanet Gazette’s brutal censorship. Despite having a lengthy email conversation with their correspondent, ‘David Archer’, only two of our replies were published. So, in the interests of transparency, here is the rest of our conversation – the parts the Gazette didn’t want to you to read. …

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Apr 19

The Spirit of Broadstairs (Part 3 of 3)

So, if any further proof was needed – here is the third and final installment of our mini series uncovering the latent racism of Broadstairs, Kent. It is time we tackled the symbolic heart of this town, the annual festival of race hate known as ‘Folk Week’. Broadstairs Folk Week claims to be a celebration …

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Apr 18

The Spirit of Broadstairs (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome to part two of our mini-series on Broadstairs, in which we deconstruct and expose this hate-filled coastal town. Today, let us travel back in time to 1930 – the good old days, where ‘coloureds’ knew their place and women equally so. For the White town of Broadstairs, it was a golden era. It was …

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Apr 17

The Spirit of Broadstairs (Part 1 of 3)

Al Zebab invites our supporters to join us on a three part mini-series detailing some of the worst examples of racism from the town of Broadstairs, Thanet. This is just a snapshot of life in this town. Hate crimes are daily occurrences in this White paradise, the symbolic home of British racism. Realise that our …

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Apr 16

More Snake-Lies from the Thanet Gazette

Here is an article from today’s Isle of Thanet Gazette, written by the serpent of Zulucifer ‘Mike Pearce’. It seems the Thanet Gazette has begun a hate campaign against justice and equality – each week they vomit bile against our movement with guttural retches that harden their hideous White skin. Their attempts to ridicule and …

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Mar 19

Gracing the Gazette

Here is the coverage of the Prophet that was censored by the Thanet Gazette last week (13/03/15). OOOG AKBAR

Mar 03

Mirror: Farage and Broadstairs’ Fascist Past

Feb 10

A Very Broadstairs Complaint

It is not often that a single facebook post sums up everything that is wrong with the Broadstairs mentality. Brown babies starve in Cliftonville and the small-minded parochial arrogance of Broadstairs can only complain about some bread left out for the seagulls. Note also how they are baguettes – one of the food types that …

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