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Apr 20

Nation of OOOG to Run in 2017 General Election

The White dictator and her legions have fed their bile to the press – but of course – we already knew. It has been many years since OOOG told the Prophet that our Afro-Thanetian Nation would face more turmoil. This day has come quickly, but we are prepared. Yes, the Prophet Zebadiah Abu Obadiah shall …

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Feb 10

Al Zebab’s State Visit to Ethiopia

The Nation of OOOG has been quiet recently. For the last few months the fascist Broadstafarian has been quietly cooing like a fat, White pigeon – hoping against hope that the Prophet has faltered or been silenced by some unknown power. But the zelievers, the Brothers and Sisters of our proud Nation, they know that …

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Oct 22

Apologise for British Colonialism in Africa

Today we are proud to begin our next campaign. We are calling upon all British ‘subjects’ to recognise and apologise for the crimes of Empire perpetrated in their names. This apology – though unavoidably incomplete given the scale of Britain’s crimes – offers a sincere and unilateral acknowledgement of the reality of Empire. Given the …

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Aug 18

Al Zebab Launches our Campaign to Break the Border

Today we have begun our official crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the migrants of Calais. We believe Britain’s borders are illegitimate, and we aim to support anyone and everyone who wants to breach them. We will provide aspiring migrants with tools, information and support to help them gain access to Britain on their own …

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Apr 28

Nigel’s Tank Envy

Today, we have the honour of spoiling Nigel’s big election finale. Over the last few weeks, the Nation of OOOG has been in talks with a private owner of military vehicles in Birchington, Thanet. We managed to secure a deal with him to rent a 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier, to use for a few hours …

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Apr 15

Murderers Shall Pay

As you may have seen in the news, UKIP’s defence policy promises to ringfence spending and guarantee jobs for ex-servicemen. We lack words to adequately communicate our disgust. ALL British servicemen and women, past and present – from frontline troops to the Generals and their janitors: everyone connected in any way to the British war …

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Mar 30

The 2015 Election Campaign Begins

So, the General Election campaign has officially begun. Parliament has been dissolved and so begins 38 days of grovelling and deal-brokering between the White parties. This invented milestone means nothing to us, and the election itself means little more. We are locked in a perpetual war against the White man and his structures of domination. …

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