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Oct 22

Apologise for British Colonialism in Africa

Today we are proud to begin our next campaign. We are calling upon all British ‘subjects’ to recognise and apologise for the crimes of Empire perpetrated in their names. This apology – though unavoidably incomplete given the scale of Britain’s crimes – offers a sincere and unilateral acknowledgement of the reality of Empire. Given the …

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Aug 03

The Death of Jeffrey Amherst

  Today we celebrate the 218th anniversary of the death of the mass murdering, ethnic cleansing, genocidal and filthy White pig-dog known as Field Marshall “Right Honorable” Lord Jeffery Amherst. We celebrate in the knowledge that this maliciously evil, horrendous Whiteman is definitely having his tonsils tickled by his overly well endowed father, also called …

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Jul 17

Rest in Power, Brother Eric

  A year today we lost a brother, Eric Garner, murdered in cold blood by the choking hands of Officer Daniel Pantaleo of the New York Police Brutality Department. Richmond County District Atrtorney Daniel M. Donovan Jr. said that the case against Pantaleo will go to a grand jury, after considering the medical examiner’s findings …

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Jul 13

UCL: Legacies of British Slave-Ownership

The zesposyni of UCL have finally made public their research in which they name and shame the White British slave-owners and companies that profited from the slave trade. Slavery may have been abolished in the British Empire in 1833, but slavery and colonialism shaped the Britain you know. It put in place the superiority complex …

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May 08

Election Results in Full

Brothers and Sisters of the Afro-Thanetian Zaliphate: the Prophezy has been fulfilled. As was foretold to the Prophet, the Nation of OOOG won a decisive victory – polling 100% of the votes. Farage and his snivelling White lackeys have been wiped out and destroyed – sent back to the fetid hills and caves of Europe …

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May 08

Inside the Vote Count

We have reached the vote count. We are sat here in the belly of the beast, surrounded by enemies, false friends and demons. We sit proudly, in silence, our black flag resplendent on the Prophet’s table. We ignore the stares of the White press, we hiss at our dumbfounded rivals. Our opponents are in disarray, …

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May 07

The Purification of Uncle Mack’s Plaque

Tonight is the eve of the Election – the Election that we are prophesied to win. OOOG has appeared to the Prophet, and our victory has been written in the skies over Thanet. It was foretold many aeons ago, permeating the pages of history in characters which read left to right, right to left, in …

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Apr 23

St. George’s Day

Today is St. George’s day, the day the English celebrate their patron saint. But who was St. George? Different sources will tell you different things – some say he was born in Lod in Syrian Palestine, part of today’s Israel. Others say he was born in Cappadocia, in today’s Turkey. Others say he was a …

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Apr 22

Rest in Power, Stephen Lawrence

On this day in 1993, an 18 year old Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death while waiting at a bus stop in Eltham, South East London. His death was not the only murder of a young black man by racist killers in south London in the early 90’s. Around that time, it was common to …

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Apr 19

The Spirit of Broadstairs (Part 3 of 3)

So, if any further proof was needed – here is the third and final installment of our mini series uncovering the latent racism of Broadstairs, Kent. It is time we tackled the symbolic heart of this town, the annual festival of race hate known as ‘Folk Week’. Broadstairs Folk Week claims to be a celebration …

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