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Oct 22

Apologise for British Colonialism in Africa

Today we are proud to begin our next campaign. We are calling upon all British ‘subjects’ to recognise and apologise for the crimes of Empire perpetrated in their names. This apology – though unavoidably incomplete given the scale of Britain’s crimes – offers a sincere and unilateral acknowledgement of the reality of Empire. Given the …

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Oct 19

The Second Omen: The Detention Centre

Brothers and sisters, here we have it. The second omen in under a week, sending a clear warning from OOOG to the White population of Engand. You are doomed. Pack your bags and get out now while you still can. No longer will your “Immigration and Removal Centre” detain innocent brothers and sisters whose “crime” …

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Oct 15

The Parable of the Whale

In Zebasis Chapter 1:21 it states that OOOG created the whale before any other living creature: “So OOOG created the great whale and every living creature that moveth, of every kind, with which the waterdem swarm, and every winged bird of every kind. And OOOG saw that it was peng.” OOOG invested a huge, tremendous …

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Oct 07

Gazette: Thanet’s rising dog “thefts”

We would like to answer the allegations made by the Thanet Gazette concerning the theft of dogs in the Zaliphate. Again, the serpent minions of Kathy Bailes have failed to grasp reality. It does not matter who stole those dogs, what matters is the growing dogmeat trade that has blossomed from our political successes. Dog …

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Sep 30

Concrete, Jungles and the Guts of Giants: A Day Trip to Calais

Brother Faisal describes our visit to Calais in his Huffington Post blog. Read below or on the Huffington Post website.

Sep 24

Not Muslim, Not Christian, Not Silent – A Documentary

Documentary about the Nation of OOOG, produced by film-maker Mark Brown.

Sep 24

IBTimes: “Meet the Party that says Farage may be Beheaded”

The Prophet speaks to Shane Croucher of International Business Times.

Sep 24

Russia Today: “How a Bizarre Fringe Party Helped Bring About Farage’s Downfall”

Aug 29

You Did This.

Here are just a few pictures of some of the 2,400 people who have drowned trying to reach Europe this year. It is easy to ignore these images, or to shy away from imagining the vastness of the death that this is only a tiny snapshot of. But it is even easier to pretend that …

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Aug 27

Dog Day

So today, in your England, it is ‘National Dog Day’. Well, in the Zaliphate it is dog day everyday, dog for breakfast, dog for lunch and dog for dinner. The difference between our dog days and your ‘Dog Day’ is that we have the emotional stability not to seek friendship in an animal that loves …

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