Mar 15

Colonial Trickery

On this day in 1903 in northern Nigeria, the manipulative and cowardly British leader Frederick Lugard managed to conquer and colonize the Sokoto Caliphate. Using the rivalries between many of the emirs in the south and the central Sokoto administration to prevent any defense, he worked toward the capital. As the Imperial British approached the city of Sokoto, they tried in vain to organize a defense against the advancing White Devils. But the new Sultan Muhammadu Attahiru II failed due to Lugard’s trickery and the Imperial British force’s more advanced weaponry.

Throughout history the Whiteman has never beaten any African forces on a even battlefield, the Whiteman has only ever defeated via stealth, via divide and rule, via fain and friendship and sabotage. This is why we will never allow a Whiteman in the Nation of OOOG. Your ways are very clear, it is black and white. We no longer ask for acceptance, we no longer ask for you to see we are human beings too, no, now we say “get thee behind us Zulucifer”.




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