Mar 09

Commonwealth Day

Today is Commonwealth day – a throwback to the ‘good old days’ of Empire, when Britain ruled the Earth and grew rich from the blood, sweat and tears of subjugated peoples. Today is a reminder of the terrible crimes committed by Britain, of the nations kept chained to its racist vision of modernity. Today is also a reminder of how little we have progressed.

We still tolerate a monarchy, and honour our supposed Queen through self-congratulating events like Commonwealth Day. We still buy into a smug national mythology, painting Union Jacks on scorched earth in human blood and excrement. We still accept the notion that we are somehow different, privileged, smarter and more advanced – somehow better than the grandchildren of our grandparents victims.

This Commonwealth Day, do not salute their flag or sing their anthem. This Commonwealth Day, do not ignore the broken lives and shanty-towns that paid for your civilisation.

This Commonwealth Day, be ashamed to be British.

ashamed to be british


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