Apr 30

Dead in His Tracks

Today, Al Zebab celebrates being the Party that stopped the UKIP tank dead in its tracks.

Whilst the other parties were blind to Farage’s plotting, the Prophet dismantled his lies and prevented what would have been the most audacious insult to the people of Thanet yet.

It is not enough to merely canvass and flyer and attend meetings – the Whiteman must be fought head on, subverted at every turn and pushed back with rods of iron.

But let us put politics aside, and bask in the glory of this moment.

All praise be to OOOG and His Prophet, the savior of the Afro-Thanetian and the scourge of the Whiteman.

Praise may ring out from a thousand rooftops, yet still OOOG’s splendor defies the prison of language.



dead in his tracks 3


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