May 08

Election Results in Full

Brothers and Sisters of the Afro-Thanetian Zaliphate: the Prophezy has been fulfilled. As was foretold to the Prophet, the Nation of OOOG won a decisive victory – polling 100% of the votes. Farage and his snivelling White lackeys have been wiped out and destroyed – sent back to the fetid hills and caves of Europe with their snake tails trailing behind them.

Now the work of the Zaliphate begins. The River Wantsum shall be reflooded and the purging of Broadstairs shall commence.

We issue this warning: anything that is White and ain’t right and in sight has 24 hours to leave the Zaliphate or we will kill them all. We will kill the babies, we will kill the women, we will kill the men, we will kill the breeders and the elderly and the pets.

You might ask why we kill the babies. They haven’t done anything wrong. Well, those “poor, innocent” White babies will grow up to oppress our babies. You then might ask why we kill the elderly. Why not just let them die in peace? Well, those puckered, braindead creatures inspired the current generation of oppressors.

Once we’ve done killing them we will dig them up and kill them again, because they didn’t die hard enough. But if we’re too tired from all our fighting and we can’t dig no more we will just let off some rounds into the graves of the Whiteman.

Kill ’em all, because they didn’t die hard enough.


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