Oct 07

Gazette: Thanet’s rising dog “thefts”

We would like to answer the allegations made by the Thanet Gazette concerning the theft of dogs in the Zaliphate. Again, the serpent minions of Kathy Bailes have failed to grasp reality. It does not matter who stole those dogs, what matters is the growing dogmeat trade that has blossomed from our political successes.

Dog is a meat and a commodity, not a pet. Whether the Thanet Gazette acknowledge it or not, there is a flourishing dogmeat black market in Thanet.

We know what happened to those dogs. They were eaten, by us and by other ordinary residents of Thanet. There is no shame in dogmeat – it is consumed by mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors. People of all walks of life who savour the rich taste of hound flesh.

We ate those dogs and we’ll eat them again.


Click here for the Isle of Thanet Gazette’s Article


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