Mar 29

Germanwings 4U 9525

Let us reflect on the recent terrorist attack committed by the pilot of the Germanwings flight 4U 9525. As more details emerge, it is clear that this barbaric atrocity was motivated by White depression, an insidious ideology that wants to destroy our way of life and take us back to the Dark Ages.

This crime is so vile and despicable it defies comprehension. The liberal exponents of ‘political correctness’ will cringe and blub that there is no connection between terrorism and European mental illness. But how many innocent lives must be lost before we accept that there is something fanatical, repressive, barbaric – something evil at the core of European society? Something motivates these disillusioned young men.

White depression radicalises. The people seduced by it are different to us, as if they exist in a different time period. Depression marries medieval brutality with sophisticated modern media techniques. Depression can strike anywhere: it can convert quiet young men into blood-thirsty killing-machines. Depression (and its accomplice, White culture) operates via a global network of sleeper-cells. Depressed Europeans are organised, and are plotting to destroy you, your loved ones, and your way of life.

It is now the duty of all moderate Whites to denounce this crime, to distance themselves from murderers like Andreas Lubitz. The responsibility must now fall on Whites to condemn the terrorist acts committed by their depressed kinsmen. This infallible logic, guilt by obscene generalisation, is the only possible reaction to that which we do not understand.

To make excuses for depression, to try to understand its causes and effects – is to tacitly support it. Depression cannot be understood, it is evil and it must be destroyed with violence.



If this argument seems ridiculous – that is because it is. But it is also the argument that gets trotted out every time a Muslim kills someone. Spare us your obligatory, pre-packaged condemnations – violence CAN be understood. By and large it is committed by rational adults for reasons that make sense to them in context.

Violence might not be justified or proportionate – but it is also not the exclusive pastime of fanatical, subhuman zealots. As British subjects we all support it by proxy, every minute of every day. Violence is everywhere, and dividing it into good and evil, legitimate and illegitimate, comprehensible and incomprehensible, benefits nobody but those who profit from it.




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