Apr 15

Murderers Shall Pay


As you may have seen in the news, UKIP’s defence policy promises to ringfence spending and guarantee jobs for ex-servicemen. We lack words to adequately communicate our disgust.

ALL British servicemen and women, past and present – from frontline troops to the Generals and their janitors: everyone connected in any way to the British war machine is a criminal and an accessory to murder.

So as for our defence policy, we pledge:

– To break up the Armed Services, destroy its infrastructure and investigate every single member for involvement in war crimes.

– To strip all personnel of all social benefits, to confiscate their medals and their uniforms, to ban their clubs and societies.

– To guarantee the unemployment, homelessness and poverty of all those who have fought in the name of Britain.

Until we are in a position to make these policies a reality, we shall use every tool at our disposal to make it absolutely clear to all service personnel that they are NOT heroes, they are NOT wanted, and just because they are stationed in Britain does NOT mean their war is over.

Only Al Zebab offers justice.


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