Dec 30

Not Muslim, Not Christian, Not Silent

In response to some of the comments and messages we have received in recent days, we would like to state clearly that we are NOT Muslims.

However, we do have a great respect for Islam – as we do for all religions. Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters, like our Hindu, Sikh and Atheist comrades from across the developing world, will be more than welcome in the Afro-Thanetian Zaliphate.

Our legitimacy stems from the Word of OOOG, our creator and master. Our strength bubbles and overflows from the font of His wisdom. Our humanity rings through the caverns of His mind – echoing like the lamentation of a thousand slave mothers adrift in the icy grief of the Atlantic.

O mighty OOOG, do not condemn those who slander your name, grant us the strength to fight their ignorance with magnanimity.

Hear ye, Broadstairs, when we cry:

There is no God but OOOG, and Zebadiah is His Prophet!



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