Sep 24

Not Muslim, Not Christian, Not Silent – A Documentary

Documentary about the Nation of OOOG, produced by film-maker Mark Brown.


Sep 24

IBTimes: “Meet the Party that says Farage may be Beheaded”

The Prophet speaks to Shane Croucher of International Business Times.


Sep 24

Russia Today: “How a Bizarre Fringe Party Helped Bring About Farage’s Downfall”


Aug 29

You Did This.

Here are just a few pictures of some of the 2,400 people who have drowned trying to reach Europe this year. It is easy to ignore these images, or to shy away from imagining the vastness of the death that this is only a tiny snapshot of.

But it is even easier to pretend that we didn’t help cause it.

Since the Arab spring the West has been giving weapons and money to all kinds of groups in Syria and Iraq in their proxy attempts to topple Assad – weapons paid for in part by YOUR taxes. One of those groups later became IS. Going back another 10 years, Britain and America invaded Iraq – beginning the long cycle of sectarian violence that led to the current situation in the Middle East. Going back further, Saddam Hussein was installed by the USA in 1963, and was supported by them and Britain in the Iran-Iraq war. Going back still further, the present day borders of Iraq and Syria were drawn up by Britain and France in the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement, borders that were to be the embryo of future conflict.

Europe and America cannot leave the Middle East alone. We have been implicated in (or directly responsible for) every major upheaval in the region for over 100 years. We helped provide Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons to gas the Kurds just like we gave the precursors of IS the weapons they are currently using in Syria.

YOUR taxes helped fund the deaths of these children. YOUR economy was buoyed up by the cheap oil and the market stability created by these wars. YOUR comfort was bought with murder, and will be haunted by these images forever.




Aug 27

Dog Day


So today, in your England, it is ‘National Dog Day’. Well, in the Zaliphate it is dog day everyday, dog for breakfast, dog for lunch and dog for dinner. The difference between our dog days and your ‘Dog Day’ is that we have the emotional stability not to seek friendship in an animal that loves you regardless of how much of horrible person you are.

And it is precisely that reassurance that the English need – reassurance from a creature that still loves them through all the violence they inflict on the world. But not for much longer. We have outlawed dog breeding and upped the use of dog meat in every local cuisine. Let’s put their “best friend” in the extinct category, like they have tried to do to us throughout history.



Aug 25

Broadstairs Paedophile Ring Exposed

padeo ring

Brothers and sisters, just over 2 weeks ago we at Al-Zebab sent out our own special team of investigators to find out more about the alleged paedophile ring that has its roots embedded in the British parliament and the history of Broadstairs from its creation to today. Today we expose these ravenous, rapacious beasts that have coaxed themselves into positions of authority as respectable people – as if these sick Broadstafarians worked for the good of huemanity. We will list the names of people we have evidence against that confirms their involvement in the zinful, zellbound, Zuluciferian group that have preyed on the youth of Africa for too long. First let’s begin where most of the White media did. They are only willing to release to the public the tip of the iceberg, but we will expose them all as we do not bow to these English inbred animals.

First we have former Prime Minister of England “Sir” Edward Heath, who was born in Albion Road in Broadstairs in 1916. Educated in sexual deviance at Chatham House Grammar School in Ramsgate, his last public appearance before his descent into Zell too was at the unveiling of a set of gates to another well-known paedophile and psychotic genocidal maniac “Sir” Winston Churchill at St Paul’s Cathedral on 30 November 2004. He was close friends with infamous Jimmy Savile and even backed him to get an OBE when previous Prime Ministers warned against it. He was also present at more than half a dozen meetings of the notorious group Paedophile Information Exchange which tried to get politicians to lower the age of consent to 10.

Next we have the Australian entertainer Rolf Harris CBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire). Known to the Thanet area especially Broadstairs for writing the song Botany Bay, which is all about his sexual desires towards children and warns Dukes and Duchesses to keep their lewd sexual depravity quiet or they will send you away to Australia like his noncy ancestors. Botany Bay in Broadstairs is also where the group have been known to meet and hold sexual sacrifices of under-age virgins to their White gods. Harris attended at least 3 of these sacrifices.

Then we come to Charles Dickens, one of the most heinous, vile, predatory Whitemen in Broadstairs history. Known for his writings instead of his rapings of young boys and girls but no longer – for we at Al-Zebab will run this wicked man through the mud, muck and the mire for the havoc he wreaked and the fear he brought to Bleak House. Why do you think it’s called Bleak House after all? It wasn’t till 1870 once Dickens had died was it renamed. Just like all these infamous paedos the truth doesn’t come out until he’s dead in the ground. Dickens was even on record calling it “his little watering hole,” as it is said that he was partial to urinating on children’s bodies once he was done with them.

Then we come to the famous Broadstairs family that goes by the name of Culmer. Charles Culmer son of Waldemar was the man responsible for the reconstruction of the stairs that led to the Shrine of St. Mary (the mother to White Jesus, who was also a paedophile) from the bay in 1350. The Shrine was also involved in sexual sacrifices like those at Botany Bay. Culmer made it easy access for nonces to pilgrimage to the site and unleash their fury upon innocent children’s orifices. Through the ages other Culmers have took part, George Culmer’s name cropped up in 1440, then again in 1540. We do not know if this was a different George Culmer or the same – who has just managed to secure a longer existence through drinking the period blood of virgins in a kinky sexual ritual to Zulucifer.

Then one stood out from all the others, a “Sir” Richard Culmer an English Puritan clergyman. He was suspended in 1635, and restored to the clergy in 1638 after failed accusations of noncery. After leading up to investigation all the accusers were murdered or went missing. No one has connected the missing links till now. Richard was clever in keeping a low profile, he moved from Parish to Parish – Harbledown, Chartham, Minster-in-Thanet and also Monkton. It was in 1643 Culmer was considered for the living of the parish of Chartham. As a general serving under Oliver Cromwell he became extremely notorious, so disliked that the parishioners of Harbledown objected that so long as it was not Culmer they cared not who ministered unto them. Cromwell and Culmer led many rituals and sacrifices all over Kent and their secret was slowly becoming more than just folklore. After the resistance of Harbledown parishioners he was moved again, then appointed to the Commission for the demolition of superstitious monuments (as today, anything that doesn’t fit the White regime).

As rumours started to fly about Culmer and Cromwell’s lust for children it became hard for Culmer to move freely about Canterbury, as he would get attacked whenever he was seen. Cromwell had to assign soldiers to protect him. At the end of 1644, he was appointed as one of six preachers at Canterbury Cathedral, and for his services to Parliament he was offered the living of the parish of Minster-in-Thanet in 1645. At his ordination, his parishioners locked the church against him, and when he attempted to break into the church he was mobbed and beaten. So despised was he that the parish refused to pay tithes to support him and his perverted past-times, but then offered his arrears if he would but go away. To this day, his name does not appear in the list of incumbents displayed in the church porch. He later was arrested in London for destroying the figure of Christ in the Cathedral windows with a choir boy’s face. He proclaimed it was Parliament’s orders – and Cromwell pulled some strings and he was let free to accost children all over again. He then moved to Monkton, where he died at the Parsonage House on 20 March 1662, and was buried two days later in the parish church of Monkton, on the Isle of Thanet.

Broadstairs hold this twisted, repugnate, degenerate family in such high regard they named the six acres of land he left in a will after him, Culmer’s allotments in Broadstairs – a place people can plant their seed – just like he did with innocent boys and girls. We have brought to you the truth in just over 2 weeks, we have linked Broadstairs to one of the most dangerous and depraved groups that run your England. What has your White media exposed? The so-called England you love so much and would die for, the England you stand so boldly for is nothing more than kiddie fiddling, knuckle dragging White monsters. So Broadstairs, we put it to you – Dogs blood Botany Bay then leave barren for 100 years. Once the blood has purified it and the time is up rename it OOOG’s Bay, burn Bleak house to the ground and dogs blood the charred remains, remove all ties to the rapist Charles Dickens, take his name from the school and rename it Prophet Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah School of Universal Truth and Nollege College, remove the Culmer name for the allotments, dig up his grave, dogs blood the land in which his name or body is beared and leave barren for 100 years.

Perform these acts or face the ultimate consequence of condemning every resident past and present of CT10 to an eternity of father fellatio.



Aug 18

Al Zebab Launches our Campaign to Break the Border

break the bord2

Today we have begun our official crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the migrants of Calais.

We believe Britain’s borders are illegitimate, and we aim to support anyone and everyone who wants to breach them. We will provide aspiring migrants with tools, information and support to help them gain access to Britain on their own terms, not Britain’s.

Our support packs will include:

– Boltcutters
– Ladders
– Shovels
– Tasers
– Mobile Phones
– Maps
– Advice sheets with: contact details of lawyers, French and British charities, legal advice, useful phone numbers, guides on how to claim asylum, guides to the benefit system, our contact details, etc.

Your contributions will help buy materials that we will deliver to migrants in the ghettos of Calais. Your contributions will assist in the erasure of the invented borders of White hegemony, borders that have never had a coherent meaning. Your contributions will accelerate the destruction of petty-minded and selfish British entitlement, and frustrate those who worship it.

But above all, your contributions will give migrants the opportunity to take their futures into their own hands, and seize what has been denied to them.

We already have considerable funds set aside for the first wave of packs, but the more we can give the better. Please give generously.



Aug 07

Al Zebab Launches Investigation into Broadstafarian Paedophile Ring

There are currently over 6 individual investigations into a paedophile ring believed to have been active since the turn of the century- a ring that has its dirty roots dug deep into the history of Broadstafarian ‘treasurers’ like former English Prime Minister “Sir” Edward Heath. We at Al-Zebab have started our own official investigation, free from the bias and corruption of English favouritism. Our investigation began long before it became such a hot topic for the local rag, Isle of Serpents Gazette.

We are asking for anyone who wants to step forward with information. This has been covered up for too long, and all Al-Zebab want is justice for all.

When the Prophet was a child he had a vision of pushing all of the Broadstafarian families of this new aged terror into a Lake of Fire.



Thanet Gazette Article



Aug 03

The Death of Jeffrey Amherst



Today we celebrate the 218th anniversary of the death of the mass murdering, ethnic cleansing, genocidal and filthy White pig-dog known as Field Marshall “Right Honorable” Lord Jeffery Amherst. We celebrate in the knowledge that this maliciously evil, horrendous Whiteman is definitely having his tonsils tickled by his overly well endowed father, also called Jeffery.

Amherst in his time was hailed as the most glamorous military hero in the “New” World but really he was a pallid, recessive, rancid man who was responsible for the Native American holocaust. It was in his letters to Henry Bouquet (another cowardly British officer) that Amherst came up with the idea of infecting blankets with smallpox and giving them to Native Americans. When sharing this idea with Sir William Johnson, another official of the British Empire, he brags it will “put a most Effectual Stop to their very Being”, with “their very Being” underlined for emphasis.

Not only did he give orders that pushed a whole race of people almost to the point of annihilation but during the anti-Catholic Gordon Riots in London, he gave orders for the 15,000 strong brainwashed soldiers to open fire on protesters.

For all the atrocities to huemanity, you, the British still see fit to hail him a military hero and give him the award of Knight of Order of Bath. We demand that every honour and everything that bears his name or glorifies his memory of this disgusting Whiteman be removed forever. His former home Montreal Park in Sevenoaks still has an octagonal gatehouse, a derelict stone summerhouse and large obelisk in memory of him which list the dates and the “achievements” he perpetrated. The Amherst Junior School in Sevenoaks is named after him, and, ironically, so is the Sevenoaks Medical Practice.

Not only does his hometown feature his name publicly, but so too do many of the places he brutally raped and murdered his way through. For instance Amherstburg, Ontario (location of General Amherst High School), Amherst, Massachusetts (location of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Hampshire College and Amherst College), Amherst, New Hampshire, Amherst, Nova Scotia, Amherst, New York, Fort Amherst on Prince Edward Island, and Amherst County, Virginia.

We need to shame the name ‘Amherst’ and remove it from these places. This is the equivalent of naming Jerusalem after Adolf Hitler. His burial site at the Church Parish in Sevenoaks needs to have all the graves removed as his rotten corpse has soiled the whole site and condemned everyone who is buried under the same grass as him to an eternity in Zell – sucking their father. Every corpse there needs excavating so that their zouls may return to Zeaven, and the whole graveyard needs purification with dogs blood and left for over 100 years.

Jeffery will forever suck in Zell.



Jul 20

2015 Election – a film by Ball & Brega

Here we have a documentary made by sister Joanne Ball and brother Massimiliano Brega of the final week running up to the 2015 South Thanet General Election.

Has various views from all the parties and public in which we don’t agree with everything said but an interesting watch on the lead up to our decisive victory and the slaying of Nigel Farage, interviews with the Prophet and brother Faisal, footage from the count and much more.



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