Jul 17

Rest in Power, Brother Eric



A year today we lost a brother, Eric Garner, murdered in cold blood by the choking hands of Officer Daniel Pantaleo of the New York Police Brutality Department.

Richmond County District Atrtorney Daniel M. Donovan Jr. said that the case against Pantaleo will go to a grand jury, after considering the medical examiner’s findings which was “compression of neck (chokehold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police.” The medical examiner’s spokeperson, Julie Bolcer announced that Garner’s death has been ruled a homicide but on December 3rd the grand jury decided not to indict Officer Pantaleo.

Brother Eric’s death sparked protest all over America and even England, it also was cited cited as one of several police killings of African Americans protested by the Black Lives Matter movement.


September 15, 1970 – July 17, 2014



Jul 13

UCL: Legacies of British Slave-Ownership

The zesposyni of UCL have finally made public their research in which they name and shame the White British slave-owners and companies that profited from the slave trade. Slavery may have been abolished in the British Empire in 1833, but slavery and colonialism shaped the Britain you know. It put in place the superiority complex of today’s Whites.Furthermore the compensation paid by the British state went into the already swollen coffers of many of today’s most powerful families. David Cameron’s family, for instance, were just some of the people who had their freed slaves compensated for – out of a government fund the equivalent of £17 billion in today’s money.

To the descendants of these benefactors: your ancestors were moral criminals. They profited from slavery and they should never have been compensated. Over the coming weeks and months we will be contacting them and all the many, many descendants on this list. They shall be given the chance to apologise for their foul, wretched, peckerwood bloodline – or face the consequences of Zeb’harah.

Not only will we purify the land in which their troglodyte ancestors are buried, we will hunt them down and shame them with the evidence of their forebears’ evil. They carry the guilt of their ancestors and grew fat from their cruelty. Until this poisonous heritage is renounced, peace will never be attained in this volatile realm we dwell in.

We’re coming for you Whitey.


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Jun 27


Today we celebrate being one step close to completely abolishing hetrosexual marriage. Brothers, Sisters and our non-binary zupporters, be clear that hetero marriage dooms nations. For too long have the breeders called the shots in our world, and look where their zins have got us. Psyantists have proven that breeders sabotage civilisation from within, through their repression of their own homosexual thoughts. This repression angers them, which in turn leads to wars and famines.

If the leaders of the world’s White countries were to get the sexual attention they so obviously crave maybe they wouldn’t be zellbent on causing so much chaos and destruction against innocent people. The battle is only in your minds brothers and sisters, and not in the developing world.



Jun 09

Faisal beats Clegg


Yet another victory for the Nation of OOOG as Brother Faisal’s Huffington Post article leaves Nick Clegg floundering in obscurity.

The people have spoken, Brother Nick, and they do not want your tired lies or halfhearted tributes to your dead alcoholic friends.

The public are hungry for knowledge. Knowledge and the flesh of dogs. And only the Nation of OOOG can supply that demand.

Nick Clegg, we shall continue to outstrip both you and your colleagues in the White politico-media assemblage. The sympathy card invites no tears to the hardened cheek of the Zebabist zouljah.



Jun 04

Yulin Dogmeat Festival


Some traders offer one-stop service to customers , from slaughtering live dogs, processing the meat to selling it.

This summer solstice sees the return of the annual dogmeat festival in Yulin, China. We salute our Chinese brothers and sisters for continuing this noble tradition despite criticism from certain neo-Imperialist Western voices – who yet again feel it is their job to tell the rest of the world how to live their lives.

Indeed, the condemnation of dogmeat tells us much about the prejudices of the West – those everyday prejudices dressed up as normality, discussed on this page so many times before. Why is eating pork, beef or lamb an accepted – no, encouraged – part of life in Euro-America? Why is eating dogs, cats or other animals a horror beyond words?

Hueman society puts entire species of animals into categories of edible and inedible – just like it puts whole races of huemans into categories of civilised and uncivilised. These categories are weapons used to sustain and defend White domination.

Eat all animals or eat none. Belief in the Word of OOOG or absolute Vegetarianism are the only morally consistent dietary positions one can take.

Eating dogmeat is not an animal rights issue, it is a race issue. Rich White men can eat foie gras, veal steaks – any meat extracted from the sentient beings of THEIR choosing. But when the non-white peoples of this Earth eat animals that are not on the arbitrary menu of the Whiteman – it is anathema. It is cruelty, barbarism, vulgarity – disgust designed to belie the double standards of White ‘culture’. Pigs are more intelligent than dogs, yet they are food. If you love animals, then treat them equally.

Besides, prohibition has never worked. It is very possible to find dogmeat for sale on the black market. The meat usually comes from low-quality dogs kept in poor conditions – dogs that suffered in death. We know of several such suppliers in Thanet and have eaten their produce many times. But it doesn’t have to be like this. It is very possible to have humane, locally sourced dogmeat – just as it is with other meats.

The Nation of OOOG will legalize dogmeat and control the supply. We shall leave all zitizens free to eat all animals or none, free from White stigma and judgement.

As OOOG Himself thus spake in the Zoly Boable:

“No meat is sacred, all animals that grace earth are game and ready for slaughter soon as they take form within the womb! Cannibalism should be welcomed to with open arms, dont waste what OOOG gave you!” Zebasis (1:24)



May 22

Lee Rigby Bangs His Drum No More

Undated Ministry of Defence handout photo of Fusilier Lee Rigby, as the two men accused of murdering the soldier are due to appear in court today as they prepare to stand trial at the Old Bailey. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Monday November 18, 2013. Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, are charged with murdering the Fusilier as he walked back to Woolwich Barracks in south-east London on May 22. See PA story COURTS Woolwich. Photo credit should read: MoD/Crown Copy/PA Wire

Undated Ministry of Defence handout photo of Fusilier Lee Rigby, as the two men accused of murdering the soldier are due to appear in court today as they prepare to stand trial at the Old Bailey. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Monday November 18, 2013. Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, are charged with murdering the Fusilier as he walked back to Woolwich Barracks in south-east London on May 22. See PA story COURTS Woolwich. Photo credit should read: MoD/Crown Copy/PA Wire


Today is the two-year anniversary of the death of Lee Rigby. On that fateful day, we lost a true hero – the finest soldier to ever bang a piece of leather in the service of his imaginary Queen. A true genius and visionary, who rose to the prestigious rank of ‘drummer’ after failing all his GCSEs.

We unequivocally condemn the killers of Lee Rigby. Though we are opposed to the British Army in every way, an eye for an eye is not OOOG’s law. Justice is served in the afterlife, not on the streets. We shall never play OOOG.

Brother Lee bangs his drum no more. His dad bangs his gums in Zell though.



May 11

Suicide is Always an Option


So – Nigel has backtracked, U-Turned, flip-flopped on his word and has chosen to stay as Party Leader, mere days after his promised resignation. He claims UKIP’s ‘National Executive’ turned his resignation down, thereby shifting the blame away from the only place it can logically lie – his own doorstep.

Who is this ‘National Executive’? Is it your God? Because it seems to be the only authority capable of taming the one-man dictatorship of King Farage, the swaggering tin-pot Czar. If it is not your God then you are a party that humbles itself before its own members, an organisational structure that is alien to us – and that can only breed weakness.

If the ‘National Executive’ is not your God then what are YOU? Are you godless atheists, stumbling in the darkness of unzoly irreligion? Or are you calculating manipulators, forced into this by the desperation of your failure?

It seems very likely that UKIP’s ‘National Executive’ is but a ruse, a cheap excuse to return to politics whilst pretending your promised resignation was sincere. You never planned on leaving, and you are blaming your change of tactics on a toothless rubber-stamp “executive” of your own creation.

We at the Nation of OOOG welcome this decision. We enjoyed destroying him once and we will enjoy destroying him again. We just hope his family are prepared for another 5 years of neglect, breakdowns and abuse at the hands of this drunken, obsessive dad.

So you only have one meaningful choice left, Nigel – because the ‘choice’ between resigning or not was never really up for discussion. Your choice is when to kill yourself. Kill yourself now and save a bit of dignity, or kill yourself after we have destroyed your reputation for the second time.

It’s up to you.



May 08

Mirror: “One Nation Under an OOOG”

mirror 2


May 08

Children of the Zoly Land of Cliftonville

Reaching out to these blessed carriers of our future.



May 08

Election Results in Full

Brothers and Sisters of the Afro-Thanetian Zaliphate: the Prophezy has been fulfilled. As was foretold to the Prophet, the Nation of OOOG won a decisive victory – polling 100% of the votes. Farage and his snivelling White lackeys have been wiped out and destroyed – sent back to the fetid hills and caves of Europe with their snake tails trailing behind them.

Now the work of the Zaliphate begins. The River Wantsum shall be reflooded and the purging of Broadstairs shall commence.

We issue this warning: anything that is White and ain’t right and in sight has 24 hours to leave the Zaliphate or we will kill them all. We will kill the babies, we will kill the women, we will kill the men, we will kill the breeders and the elderly and the pets.

You might ask why we kill the babies. They haven’t done anything wrong. Well, those “poor, innocent” White babies will grow up to oppress our babies. You then might ask why we kill the elderly. Why not just let them die in peace? Well, those puckered, braindead creatures inspired the current generation of oppressors.

Once we’ve done killing them we will dig them up and kill them again, because they didn’t die hard enough. But if we’re too tired from all our fighting and we can’t dig no more we will just let off some rounds into the graves of the Whiteman.

Kill ’em all, because they didn’t die hard enough.


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