Mar 26

Rest in Pain, Cecil the Rapist

Today we celebrate the 113th anniversary of the death of the tyrant, rapist and murderous Whiteman Cecil Rhodes. We praise OOOG for his death and for the end of the backward beliefs he pushed upon our brothers and sisters in Africa, for he truly believed not only that the Whiteman came first in our world but that he is racially superior. These lies have been proven by the teachings of OOOG to be merely White propaganda: used to push the British Imperialists further into lands they do not own, to rape and torture the indigenous people.

He raped the land of the South Africans, stole the OOOG-given right to the diamond mines, manipulated the market and killed anyone who got in his way, a total of hundreds of thousands of lives. Rhodes used trickery on many of the aboriginals – such a King Lobengula of Matabeleland – to steal his land, as he couldn’t read the documents Rhodes had drawn up and went on his word. The word of the Whiteman throughout history has been proved to mean absolutely nothing. The Whiteman is the personification of pure evil and will say anything to get his greedy tyrannical way, every Whiteman has Zulucifer in them from the skin to the bone.

We call for the exhuming of Rhodes’ remains and his shipment back to the vulgar English lands from whence he came. For not only was he not welcome in life, he is not welcome in death. He was deliberately buried by the Whiteman at the Matapos Hills to curse the lands with drought, we demand his remains to be removed instantly. We demand the University to be renamed, the statues celebrating him to be pulled down and the destruction of any memory of the man – the monster who single handed raped Africa financially, socially, economically and politically whilst thwarting their energy and aspirations.




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