May 11

Suicide is Always an Option


So – Nigel has backtracked, U-Turned, flip-flopped on his word and has chosen to stay as Party Leader, mere days after his promised resignation. He claims UKIP’s ‘National Executive’ turned his resignation down, thereby shifting the blame away from the only place it can logically lie – his own doorstep.

Who is this ‘National Executive’? Is it your God? Because it seems to be the only authority capable of taming the one-man dictatorship of King Farage, the swaggering tin-pot Czar. If it is not your God then you are a party that humbles itself before its own members, an organisational structure that is alien to us – and that can only breed weakness.

If the ‘National Executive’ is not your God then what are YOU? Are you godless atheists, stumbling in the darkness of unzoly irreligion? Or are you calculating manipulators, forced into this by the desperation of your failure?

It seems very likely that UKIP’s ‘National Executive’ is but a ruse, a cheap excuse to return to politics whilst pretending your promised resignation was sincere. You never planned on leaving, and you are blaming your change of tactics on a toothless rubber-stamp “executive” of your own creation.

We at the Nation of OOOG welcome this decision. We enjoyed destroying him once and we will enjoy destroying him again. We just hope his family are prepared for another 5 years of neglect, breakdowns and abuse at the hands of this drunken, obsessive dad.

So you only have one meaningful choice left, Nigel – because the ‘choice’ between resigning or not was never really up for discussion. Your choice is when to kill yourself. Kill yourself now and save a bit of dignity, or kill yourself after we have destroyed your reputation for the second time.

It’s up to you.



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