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Oct 22

Apologise for British Colonialism in Africa

Today we are proud to begin our next campaign. We are calling upon all British ‘subjects’ to recognise and apologise for the crimes of Empire perpetrated in their names. This apology – though unavoidably incomplete given the scale of Britain’s crimes – offers a sincere and unilateral acknowledgement of the reality of Empire. Given the …

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Mar 15

Colonial Trickery

On this day in 1903 in northern Nigeria, the manipulative and cowardly British leader Frederick Lugard managed to conquer and colonize the Sokoto Caliphate. Using the rivalries between many of the emirs in the south and the central Sokoto administration to prevent any defense, he worked toward the capital. As the Imperial British approached the …

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Mar 13

White Saviour Complex

If a picture can tell a thousand words, then this image screams them. Esteemed White celebrities – who benefits from your self-interested ‘charity’? ‘White Saviour complex’ is just another, more subtle form of colonialism. Cotton, rum and molasses kept colonial Europe and America satisfied – it kept them comfortable, it made them feel warm inside. …

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