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Oct 13

UKIP Loses Control of Thanet Council

OOOG’s wrath has reigned down upon UKIP’s councillors, leaving them no other option but to abandon the Zaliphate like their weasly White wasteman Fuhrer – who scuttled out of Thanet with his fork-tail between his legs on the fateful day, May 8th. Click here for the Thanet Gazette’s coverage of the story

May 04

Isle of Thanet Gazette Slapped Back Down

The Isle of Thanet Gazette yet again pokes its malignant nose into our affairs. It is hardly surprising that no action will be taken when all our artwork is checked, approved and delivered by the British “Royal” Mail. Do not take us for some disorganised, two-bit rabble. We know the law. We have a dedicated …

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Apr 26

Interview with the Thanet Gazette

Another piece of newspaper coverage, another example of the Thanet Gazette’s brutal censorship. Despite having a lengthy email conversation with their correspondent, ‘David Archer’, only two of our replies were published. So, in the interests of transparency, here is the rest of our conversation – the parts the Gazette didn’t want to you to read. …

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Apr 16

More Snake-Lies from the Thanet Gazette

Here is an article from today’s Isle of Thanet Gazette, written by the serpent of Zulucifer ‘Mike Pearce’. It seems the Thanet Gazette has begun a hate campaign against justice and equality – each week they vomit bile against our movement with guttural retches that harden their hideous White skin. Their attempts to ridicule and …

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