Aug 03

The Death of Jeffrey Amherst



Today we celebrate the 218th anniversary of the death of the mass murdering, ethnic cleansing, genocidal and filthy White pig-dog known as Field Marshall “Right Honorable” Lord Jeffery Amherst. We celebrate in the knowledge that this maliciously evil, horrendous Whiteman is definitely having his tonsils tickled by his overly well endowed father, also called Jeffery.

Amherst in his time was hailed as the most glamorous military hero in the “New” World but really he was a pallid, recessive, rancid man who was responsible for the Native American holocaust. It was in his letters to Henry Bouquet (another cowardly British officer) that Amherst came up with the idea of infecting blankets with smallpox and giving them to Native Americans. When sharing this idea with Sir William Johnson, another official of the British Empire, he brags it will “put a most Effectual Stop to their very Being”, with “their very Being” underlined for emphasis.

Not only did he give orders that pushed a whole race of people almost to the point of annihilation but during the anti-Catholic Gordon Riots in London, he gave orders for the 15,000 strong brainwashed soldiers to open fire on protesters.

For all the atrocities to huemanity, you, the British still see fit to hail him a military hero and give him the award of Knight of Order of Bath. We demand that every honour and everything that bears his name or glorifies his memory of this disgusting Whiteman be removed forever. His former home Montreal Park in Sevenoaks still has an octagonal gatehouse, a derelict stone summerhouse and large obelisk in memory of him which list the dates and the “achievements” he perpetrated. The Amherst Junior School in Sevenoaks is named after him, and, ironically, so is the Sevenoaks Medical Practice.

Not only does his hometown feature his name publicly, but so too do many of the places he brutally raped and murdered his way through. For instance Amherstburg, Ontario (location of General Amherst High School), Amherst, Massachusetts (location of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Hampshire College and Amherst College), Amherst, New Hampshire, Amherst, Nova Scotia, Amherst, New York, Fort Amherst on Prince Edward Island, and Amherst County, Virginia.

We need to shame the name ‘Amherst’ and remove it from these places. This is the equivalent of naming Jerusalem after Adolf Hitler. His burial site at the Church Parish in Sevenoaks needs to have all the graves removed as his rotten corpse has soiled the whole site and condemned everyone who is buried under the same grass as him to an eternity in Zell – sucking their father. Every corpse there needs excavating so that their zouls may return to Zeaven, and the whole graveyard needs purification with dogs blood and left for over 100 years.

Jeffery will forever suck in Zell.



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