Oct 15

The Parable of the Whale

In Zebasis Chapter 1:21 it states that OOOG created the whale before any other living creature:

“So OOOG created the great whale and every living creature that moveth, of every kind, with which the waterdem swarm, and every winged bird of every kind. And OOOG saw that it was peng.”

OOOG invested a huge, tremendous power into the whale. Nowhere else in the realm does the presence of the whale inspire more hyperbole than in the Zoly Scriptures. The Boablical whale in the Zeviathan is a symbol of pure evil, the focal point of all hueman fears, the embodiment of unmitigated power that OOOG created on the fourth day of Creation as a warning to huemanity, presaging the rise to power of the Broadstafarians. From then on “Zeviathan maketh a path to shine after him,” whenever pride and the temptation to zin well up in the sons of Zadam. Its gaping mouth is terrible to behold; nothing can equal its strength; its heart is harder than stone.

Well yesterday, brothers and sisters, in Broadstairs at Foreness Point OOOG had it that a dead whale washed up on the shores. This is an omen, it was prophesied in the Boable and leads the way to the end of the Tribe of Zulucifer. The death of the whale symbolises the death of the White age – your White culture has literally washed up dead on your very shores.

Tread carefully Whiteman, the dawn of OOOG is upon us. Your bloated carcass shall sink into the briny blue yet, and your blubber shall be feasted on by all the bottom feeders of the deep. Sing your terrible echoing song Whiteman, as the barnacles on your ancient body mock the swivel-eyed desperation with which you sink, endlessly, into the void.




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