May 07

The Purification of Uncle Mack’s Plaque

Tonight is the eve of the Election – the Election that we are prophesied to win. OOOG has appeared to the Prophet, and our victory has been written in the skies over Thanet. It was foretold many aeons ago, permeating the pages of history in characters which read left to right, right to left, in sentences only comprehensible to those who have opened their hearts to OOOG.

As is tradition, we made a sacrifice to OOOG on this, the most zoly of days. We offered up Uncle Mack’s Plaque – the Broadstafarian monument to the black and white minstrels – for the appeasement of OOOG’s wrath. In accordance with the Prophet’s teachings, we performed a dog blood purification ritual. The ceremony known as Zeb’harah.

Racism can only be purified with dog blood – and only with dog blood can the zins of Broadstairs be cleansed.

On this most hallowed eve, we invoke the power of OOOG with zacred dog blood purification ceremonies. Let dog blood rain forth from the Zeavens and wash away the muck and the mire of this wretched White civilisation.


It has been done.




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