Oct 19

The Second Omen: The Detention Centre

Brothers and sisters, here we have it. The second omen in under a week, sending a clear warning from OOOG to the White population of Engand. You are doomed. Pack your bags and get out now while you still can.

No longer will your “Immigration and Removal Centre” detain innocent brothers and sisters whose “crime” was merely crossing imaginary lines carved out by White rule and oppression. No longer will Dover “Immigration and Removal Centre” demonise and imprison brothers andsisters fleeing insecurity, war and persecution. These brothers and sisters should be treated with the dignity that all hueman beings deserve, and it seems that OOOG’s work is finally becoming clearer.

The OOOGly light is shining brighter than the headlights of an Arctic lorry hurtling down the White motorway of England’s mind – ready to petrify, pulverise and pummel these rabbits and their atom brains, those spongiformed minds made passive by the White virus. So clearly is the future reflected on your eyeballs. Lo, we have seen the future and it has been told to our glorious Prophet Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah. The words of OOOG echo through the Prophets mind…whispering to him:

“the lack of oxygen to the heart makes the Gale winds cease to blow”.

Yes, a prophesy has been revealed to the Prophet Zebadiah, and the closure of the detention centre is the second Omen in this great chain of events.

Roger Gale, Conservative MP for Thanet North, WILL die – possibly as a result of a heart attack.


Click here for the story as reported by Kent Online 


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