Apr 17

The Spirit of Broadstairs (Part 1 of 3)

Al Zebab invites our supporters to join us on a three part mini-series detailing some of the worst examples of racism from the town of Broadstairs, Thanet.

This is just a snapshot of life in this town. Hate crimes are daily occurrences in this White paradise, the symbolic home of British racism. Realise that our non-white brothers and sisters cannot walk down the high street without being spat on and stared at. Loved by the slave-owner and paedophile Charles Dickens, Broadstairs is a refuge for scared Whites fleeing the spectre of multiculturalism in London.

In this, part one of our Broadstairs mini-series, let us examine this image from Broadstairs carnival. See how the White youth of Broadstairs are brought up to view the inhabitants of the Middle East as some kind of exotic novelty. From an early age this indoctrination starts – White children are taught that ‘we’ are normal, ‘they’ are different – mystical creatures from an imagined and fantastic plane of Victorian representation. Oh, they will bleat, oh, but its just a joke – “just a bit of fun”.

Don’t be so naive, Broadstairs. These representations are always inherently political. They construct an epistemological difference between ‘us’, the White Broadstafarian, and ‘them’ – the hyperbolic Eastern pit of threat, exoticism, and fundamental difference. In his book ‘Orientalism’, Edward Said argues this is how the Oriental Other is constructed – as the binary opposite of the European. ‘We’ are rational, virtuous, mature – ‘they’ are irrational, depraved, childlike. The imagined figure of the bearded fanatic, the veiled fetish of Arabian Nights – serves primarily to bolster our own identity in the face of its abject emptiness.

Broadstairs, you impersonate a stereotype of somebody else because you know that you yourself are nothing. Your identity, and that of the White man at large, is based on what you are not, not what you are.

So, enjoy your Jim Davidson and your Top Gear re-runs.
Laugh and jeer and make merry, blind to the terrible consequences of your thoughtless hate. Eat and drink your fill as your world collapses around your pink and bloated faces.

Your harmless fun will come back to haunt you.

Join us tomorrow for part 2.




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