Apr 18

The Spirit of Broadstairs (Part 2 of 3)

Welcome to part two of our mini-series on Broadstairs, in which we deconstruct and expose this hate-filled coastal town. Today, let us travel back in time to 1930 – the good old days, where ‘coloureds’ knew their place and women equally so.

For the White town of Broadstairs, it was a golden era. It was a time of quaint English pageantry, of gentlemen and their ladies watching wholesome entertainment from their deck-chairs on the beach. Lounging in pools of arrogance, they clucked and snorted at the most popular show in town – Uncle Mack’s Black and White Minstrel show.

Is it a coincidence that as the British Empire continued its brutal occupation of many parts of Africa, blacked-up performers were entertainment at home? But what better way to complement the industrialised murder of half the world than by dressing up as our victims and dancing a macabre pantomime? Just as today’s soldiers relax after a hard day’s work killing Afghans by playing Call of Duty, so too did colonialism condition the leisurely pursuits of the White mind in the 1930s.

Of course, the pitiful caricatures that are black and white minstrels are now universally (and rightfully) condemned. Or so you would think. But surprise surprise, the White sands of Broadstairs beach have refused to give up on the myth of European superiority. Desperately clinging to their White exceptionalism, Broadstairs continues to honour the memory of Uncle Mack’s Minstrel Show with a plaque dedicated to him on Broadstairs seafront. Broadstairs, do you deny the connection between the horrors of Empire and the blackface tradition you honour to this day?

What are you, Broadstairs? What are you but an island of fascist flotsam set adrift in an ocean of post-modernity? Do you not understand, Broadstairs? Your continued aggrandisement of the colonial mentality is but the final echoing death knell of an already dead civilisation. This is not Broadstairs beach in the 1930s.

This is the year 30 A.Z and you will not escape its fury.

Tune in tomorrow for the final installment of our Broadstairs mini-series.


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