Apr 19

The Spirit of Broadstairs (Part 3 of 3)

So, if any further proof was needed – here is the third and final installment of our mini series uncovering the latent racism of Broadstairs, Kent. It is time we tackled the symbolic heart of this town, the annual festival of race hate known as ‘Folk Week’.

Broadstairs Folk Week claims to be a celebration of English tradition, which, in an unintentional way, is exactly what it is. This week long orgy of jingoism sees Broadstairs stuffed full of English people, drinking English ale, draped in English flags, stuffing their bovine English faces with roast beef and overcooked vegetables.

And just like any display of patriotism, this binge of red and white merriment comes at the expense of all those outside the dominant narrative. Minorities are openly ridiculed in the streets, real-ale drinkers wearing knotted hankerchiefs throw bananas at effigies of the warrior and hero, Robert Mugabe – hooting and gloating into their dimpled pint glasses.

Morris dancers beat their sticks in a symbolic representation of the beating of the black and brown peoples of this Earth. The inhabitants black their faces with makeup (see attached picture), building upon the long history of blackface mockery in the town. As darkness falls, things turn uglier still. The High Street becomes a wasteland of smashed windows and lynched black youth, screaming through thick smoke with melted mouths as car tyres burn around their writhing necks. For one week only, the true nature of the White Broadstafarian is allowed to explode forth in all its savage hypocrisy.

This rampage of fire, flesh and filth comes every year, and every year it is the same. The only way to call a halt to this vile celebration is to storm the centre of its power, and smash the pagan idols that crowd its streets each summer. Only Al Zebab are capable of shattering the veil of secrecy that shrouds this barbaric festival. Only Al Zebab are capable of exacting revenge on these hate criminals – the splintered revenge of a thousand years and a thousand suppressed continents, belching forth black eyes that turn White flesh to vapour. Only Al Zebab issues this rallying cry: destroy Broadstairs, in thought as in substance. Strip the flesh from it’s bones and both shall wither.

We hope you have found this mini-series informative. This is only the beginning, Brothers and Sisters, and we shall not sleep until the black flag of OOOG flutters gently over the salted and charred ruins of what was once known as the ‘jewel’ of the Kent coast.




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