Mar 13

White Saviour Complex

If a picture can tell a thousand words, then this image screams them. Esteemed White celebrities – who benefits from your self-interested ‘charity’?

‘White Saviour complex’ is just another, more subtle form of colonialism. Cotton, rum and molasses kept colonial Europe and America satisfied – it kept them comfortable, it made them feel warm inside. White ‘charity’ performs exactly the same function: papering over the yawning wounds in the White conscience with a thin veneer of artificial philanthropy.

Charity is not a free gift. Charity numbs the emptiness in the soul of the giver, it is an anesthetic worth more than the priceless minerals dragged from our fractured Earth at gunpoint.

Your Band Aid, your Live 8, your £3 a month – as if Africa is the only part of the World that is starving. As if Africa needs you, as if it is begging you, as if it can’t imagine life without your kindness and its caveats.

Does it feel good, Whites? Does it hush the whispered voices that haunt your guilty consciences? Does it distract you from the fact that you benefit from their poverty?

Africa is not a continent of grateful children for you to hug and photograph and show off to your friends like a rescued puppy.

You are not the World’s policeman, nor its teacher, nor its nurse. You are a live-in thief that demands gratitude and obedience.




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