Jun 04

Yulin Dogmeat Festival


Some traders offer one-stop service to customers , from slaughtering live dogs, processing the meat to selling it.

This summer solstice sees the return of the annual dogmeat festival in Yulin, China. We salute our Chinese brothers and sisters for continuing this noble tradition despite criticism from certain neo-Imperialist Western voices – who yet again feel it is their job to tell the rest of the world how to live their lives.

Indeed, the condemnation of dogmeat tells us much about the prejudices of the West – those everyday prejudices dressed up as normality, discussed on this page so many times before. Why is eating pork, beef or lamb an accepted – no, encouraged – part of life in Euro-America? Why is eating dogs, cats or other animals a horror beyond words?

Hueman society puts entire species of animals into categories of edible and inedible – just like it puts whole races of huemans into categories of civilised and uncivilised. These categories are weapons used to sustain and defend White domination.

Eat all animals or eat none. Belief in the Word of OOOG or absolute Vegetarianism are the only morally consistent dietary positions one can take.

Eating dogmeat is not an animal rights issue, it is a race issue. Rich White men can eat foie gras, veal steaks – any meat extracted from the sentient beings of THEIR choosing. But when the non-white peoples of this Earth eat animals that are not on the arbitrary menu of the Whiteman – it is anathema. It is cruelty, barbarism, vulgarity – disgust designed to belie the double standards of White ‘culture’. Pigs are more intelligent than dogs, yet they are food. If you love animals, then treat them equally.

Besides, prohibition has never worked. It is very possible to find dogmeat for sale on the black market. The meat usually comes from low-quality dogs kept in poor conditions – dogs that suffered in death. We know of several such suppliers in Thanet and have eaten their produce many times. But it doesn’t have to be like this. It is very possible to have humane, locally sourced dogmeat – just as it is with other meats.

The Nation of OOOG will legalize dogmeat and control the supply. We shall leave all zitizens free to eat all animals or none, free from White stigma and judgement.

As OOOG Himself thus spake in the Zoly Boable:

“No meat is sacred, all animals that grace earth are game and ready for slaughter soon as they take form within the womb! Cannibalism should be welcomed to with open arms, dont waste what OOOG gave you!” Zebasis (1:24)



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